About me

Deb HarknessChanging an art medium is quite a unique and tremendously rewarding experience.  From pencil and pen to “steel”.

I finally found the medium where I can express myself to the fullest, or maybe it found me.

Sketching has always driven me to keep my artistic energy alive:  using pencils, pen, ink, charcoal, I always felt something was missing, I couldn’t figure it out, until 9 years ago.

In 2001, I studied Blacksmithing at Sir Sanford Fleming College. Upon completion of this course I worked for a blacksmith shop and continued to critique my art.  Previous to my blacksmithing career, I lived and worked in the Toronto area while cottaging in Muskoka.  Twenty-five years ago we decided to move to Muskoka and make the north our home.  We have never looked back, appreciating every day the wonders Muskoka presents to us.

Finding new ideas to create in steel is a wonderful challenge: decorative sign brackets, flowers, tables, lights, candles, garden art, mirrors, wall hangings, just to name a few. The more I see, the more I create. I hope you enjoy this art form as much as I do.
With regards,
Deb Harkness

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