Deb is truly a modern day ‘blacksmith forger’. ┬áHer talent for replicating nature in iron┬ámakes her a truly unique artist.

Blacksmithing, an ancient craft that began in the Iron Age, is still practiced in many parts of the world.

Blacksmithing is the term used to describe the ‘art’ of creating objects from iron or steel by the process of forging. Forging involves heating the metal until it becomes only partially melted, and then using blacksmithing techniques to shape the metal in that semi-flexible state.

Blacksmithing is much more time-consuming than modern iron-working and steel-working methods. It might take a blacksmith several hours to create a product that can be made in a modern factory within minutes or even seconds. Smithed objects, however, are much more valuable as they are custom made to a customer’s specification and will last a lifetime.

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